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I realize that there is no list of existing components and plugins in 4D.

I think it can be cool to make such kind of list to try to have a kind of catalog where people can look at to see what is available on the market.

I will try to be the most exhaustive I can, but I surely will miss some and please let me know if some components or plugins are missing on the list.

Let's start with the official 4D Components and Plugins available and/or included in 4D :

Components :

4D SVG - Allow you to draw SVG with some helpful command.

4D Progress - Let you display a progress bar in a floating window to display the progress of a task.

4D Widgets - A set of useful widgets to include in your forms.

4D Write Pro - Powerful "Word-like" document editor.

4D View Pro - Powerful "Excel-like" spreadsheet editor. Based on SpreadJS.

4D for iOS - Help you to create and deploy a native iOS app based on your database.


4D Internet Commands - A set of commands that help the communication in local or wide area network. Some of the features can now be found within 4D with native commands (like SMTP sending and getting e-mails)

4D ODBC Pro - Give you some commands to communicate with an external ODBC database.

Let's continue with the Components and Pugins available from the community :

Components :

4D Pop - Helpfull set of components that help you during development.

4D Info Report - Helpful periodical info logs of your running database.

Keisuke Miyako Components - I highly recommend you to go check the amazing list of components developed by Keisuke Miyako, the list is to big for me to name them all but I'm sure you will find some that may interest you. (Ex. Barcode generator, picture rotation, build app, 4 states icon generator, etc...)

ogTools - Suite of UI and helper tools ( Button, Colors, Windows, Notifications, etc.)

Code Analysis Helper - Help you to analyse your code.

Charts - Help you to draw nice graphs.

Calendar - Fully configurable calendar and scheduler.

Data Browser - Utility to browse your data.

Controle SMS - Send SMS within 4D QS_Toolbox - Code Analysis with a great visual display of all the call chains of your project methods.

Code Analysis - Another helper to analyse your code.

AJ Suite - Set of UI components (tip, button, banner, etc.) and utilities tools (XLIFF, Unit Test)

Halare suite of components - Suite of 15 different components (Seems to be available for v13 and v15 only)

4D Report Manager Component - This component is a porting to 4D v18 of the QR Editor Source

Plugins :

Keisuke Miyako Plugins - Same as the component list, the plugin list is amazing, you can find plugin that allow you to use some external tools like cURL, zip, Ghostscript, etc. Some plugins help you to access some native OS API (like camera, notes on Mac, etc.) Go check them!

hmCal - Calendar and scheduler.

hmReports - Tool to create, edit and print graphics and reports.

hmBarcode - Generate 1D and 2D Barcodes.

hmTAPI - (Windows only) send and receive calls from 4D.

hmFree - Utilities commands. Q2Pix - Image manipulation tool.

QGrid - Customizable picture grid.

QDrop - Help to drag and drop external files and folder within 4D.

Updated on 02 October 2019

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