Tip 5 #4D TAGS - Little Tricks

In this post, we will see how we can write 4D code in an external text editor when we use the 4D Tags technology.

We often have to write 4D code between 2 tags <!--#4DCODE--> or other. We are so used to write 4D code in the 4D code editor which is a good mother that when we have to get out of the cradle, we lose all our comfort and forget that the outside world is so rough. Unfortunately, third-party code editors do not have autocompletion for 4D code. Maybe someone enlightened can provide us with some in the future. But still not everyone uses the same text editor and it would be necessary to create an autocompletion file for each text editor.

In the meantime, I'll give you 2 tips to help you write 4D code in external text editor.

The first is to drag a 4D method from the 4D explorer. In fact, in the 4D explorer we have a "Commands" section that lists all 4D commands, just drag the command and the code, with the parameters, will be copied into your editor (see video below). The disadvantage? It is necessary to pick up the command by hand in the right category.

The second trick is very simple. Create an empty method, write your 4D code in the 4D method editor and copy/paste your code into your external document. You will be able to write your text with all the comfort you like. :)

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