Tip #6 4D TAGS - Sublime Text Editor Snippets

Following my previous blog, I had fun creating snippets for my Sublime Text Editor.

I created a snippet for each 4D command, a snippet without parameters and one with parameters.

I also created a snippet for each available 4D transformation tag.

In fact, it was easier to do than I expected, but may cause some issues.

First I created a snippet only for the name of the commands, simple, without parameters. The first concern is that snippets don't consider spaces between 2 words, so I had to replace the spaces in 4D commands with "_" which means that to call the "ARRAY TEXT" command you will have to type "array_text".

The biggest problem is the snippets that contain the parameters. In fact, by listing the official parameters of each method, we come across many optional parameters and the characters "{" and "}". This means that if you display the parameters, you always end up having to do more clean-up work rather than simply writing the parameters you want.

In fact, each command deserves a specific job to insert the most frequently used parameters. But you are free to modify the snippets specific to 4D commands that you use most inside 4D TAGS.

I created a GitHub repository where you can find all the snippets: : 4DCommands-sublime-snippets

I leave you with a short demonstration video.

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